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About the project MIMEMailPHP


+ setSubject(string)
+ setTextContent(string)
+ setHTMLContent(string)
+ setFromHeader(string)
+ setRecievers(string|array)
+ setCCRecievers(string|array)
+ setBCCRecievers(string|array)
+ sendMail(boolean)
+ setEOL(string)
+ addBinaryFileAsAttachment(...)
+ addBinaryStringAsAttachment(...)
+ setReplyTo(string)
+ getLastErrorString()
+ getLastErrorCode()

Building a MIME multipart email with php is always not simple and no fun. Therefore I wrote a simple-to-use class in PHP4 to encapsulate this html mime mail problem.

Using this class you can simply

  • set subject, set sender, set reciever, set reply address
  • set multiple senders via php array
  • set html content, set different text-only content
  • automatic "strip tags" text-only completion
  • set CC and BCC recievers, also multiple
  • add binary attachments like images and pdf documents
  • use inline images (CID) in html mime mail
  • debug mode to visualize the mime code

Currently (PHP4/V2.1) the program-code is documented in german. This will change in the future. Also I will create a PHP5 version.

You will find more in the documentation section.
For feedback and requests please use my weblog.
Last Update: April 2007